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The cavalry regiments of the British Army began to be established following the restoration of Charles II. Horse regiments fought as mounted cavalry whereas dragoons were originally mounted infantry. Originally named after their colonel, and so changing name with each new commanding officer, in 1751 the regiments were numbered according to seniority. At first there was a distinction between the light cavalry (Light Dragoon regiments) and the heavy cavalry (Dragoon and Dragoon Guard regiments). At the beginning of the 19th century light dragoon regiments began to be called hussars or lancers. By 1861 the heavy cavalry consisted of three regiments of dragoons and seven of dragoon guards. The light cavalry consisted of ten regiments of hussars and five of lancers. In 1862 the three European Light Cavalry regiments from the Bengal Army were transferred to the British Army. The titles of the cavalry units are generally those in use in 1861.

Listed below are the British Army Cavalry Regiments that served in British India and for which there are separate detailed articles.


Heavy Cavalry

Light Cavalry

❉ disbanded by 1821
☆ former Bengal Army regiments

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