Chin Lushai Expedition 1889-90

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Chin Lushai Expedition
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Chin State, Burma and Mizoram State, India
British Chin and Lushai tribesmen
Result: British victory
Medals: India General Service Medal 1854
Clasp: Chin Lushai 1889-90
Category: Chin Lushai Expedition 1889-90
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Chin Lushai Expedition 1889-90
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Continued outrages following the expedition of 1871-72 led to a further campaign involving columns from Chittagong and Pakokku in Burma. A series of punitive raids on Lushai and Chin villages resulted in the submission of the tribes.

Burma Field force

Brig-Gen William Symons against Chin Tribes
Northern Column Colonel Skene DSO (1,622 troops)

Southern Column Brig-Gen W P Symons (1,859 troops)

Chittagong Field Force

Col V W Tregear against Lushai Tribes (3,400 troops)

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