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Known as The Devonshire Regiment


  • 1685 raised as The Duke of Beaufort's Regiment of Foot
  • 1751 became the 11th Regiment of Foot
  • 1782 became 11th (North Devonshire) Regiment of Foot
  • 1881 became The Devonshire Regiment
  • 1958 amalgamated with The Dorset Regiment to form The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment
  • 2005 renamed the Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry
  • 2007 merged with the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment and was designated 1st Battalion The Rifles

Service in British India

First Battalion

FIBIS resources

  • A nominal roll of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the 2nd Battalion 11th Foot (North Devon Regiment) who died during the campaign in South Afghanistan, from 17 July 1880 to 10 November 1880, originally published in the North Devon Journal, 3 March 1881 appears in FIBIS Journal 8 (Autumn 2002). See FIBIS Journals for details of how to access this article.

Second World War

In the early years of WW2 the 1st Devon’s were in training and service on the NWF of India. In 1942 they headed for Ceylon, where they joined the 20th Indian Division and settled into jungle training with the specific aim of learning how to counter and engage the Japanese. The 1st Devon’s formed part of 80th Brigade in the 20th Indian Division and in April 1944 found itself defending the Shenam Ridge on the Tamu/Palel road in Assam. These were the approaches to the now famous Indian towns of Imphal and Kohima and the scene of one of the most bloody and horrific battles of WW2. [1]

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Historical Books Online

Historical Record of the Eleventh, or the North Devon Regiment of Foot: containing an account of the formation of the regiment in 1685, and of its subsequent services to 1845 Google Books 1845


The Devonshire Regiment In Burma In 1891 Devon Heritage. Some members of the Regiment died at Bernardmyo.


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