Kalabagh Barrage Construction Railway

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Kalabagh Barrage Construction Railway

The 'Kalabagh Barrage' was built on the Indus River by the Punjab Public Works Department(PWD) Irrigation Department.

Construction Railway

A broad gauge(BG) system that started from 1939 with three sidings laid from the Daudkhel Station on the North Western Railway(NWR). The lines were laid for the transport of stone on both the upstream and downstream sides of the weir, on the upstream bund and on both banks. Sidings were also laid at the brick kilns, workshops, powerhouse, precast cocrete factory and weighbridge. Stone was supplied from the PWD 'Sikhanwala Quarry' and the 'Paikhel Quarry' owned by NWR and 11 miles(18km) from the site [1].

Construction Tramway

A 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) tramway was used to move shingle 3 miles(5km) from a quarry to a siding near the powerhouse where it was transferred to BG wagons [1]


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