Kandahar State Railway

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The Kandahar State Railway opened c.1881, ran only to Sibi and then as far as Rindli + (see note) [1]

The line never reached Kandahar. [2]

The Kandhar State Railway joined with the southern section of the Sind-Pishin State Railway and in 1886 amgamated, with other railways, to form North Western Railway(NWR),

+ Note Rindli From Sibi the line ran south-west, skirting the hills to Rindli, and originally followed the course of the Bolān stream to its head on the plateau.

The destructive action of floods, however, led to the abandonment of this alignment. The railway now follows the Mashkaf valley. The Bolan Pass Railway Construction enabled this NWR route to be selected.


  • Henry Francis Storey, 1880. Engineer-in-Chief of the Jacobabad section. In 1881 his services were acknowledged by the Government of India (GoI) for 'arduous exertions rendered in the transport of troops and war material during the Afghan War, 1878-80.' Appointed Engineer-in-Chief 1881. In 1882 he received the thanks of the GoI “for prompt and efficient arrangements made in passing, without delay, troops proceeding to Egypt during the heavy breaches in the line caused by floods and for prompt execution of repairs for early resumption of traffic.” Promoted 1883 the to Superintendent of Way and Works.
  • Hugh Lewin Monk,1880 February, deployed from the Railway Branch of the Public Works Department to Kandahar State Railway until 1881