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The Kashmir Railway was surveyed in 1890 with James Arthur Anderson[1] from Public Works Department (PWD), in charge of the survey. Also from the PWD the following Executive Engineers were posted in 1890 James Arthur Anderson, Boswell Parkinson Milsom and Paget Patrick Dease.

The record of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers records that Herbert Septimus Harington was deployed to the ‘Kashmir Railway Survey’ as ‘acting as Engineer-in-Chief’. Unfortunately the date of this is not given [2].

Jammu & Kashmir Railway Map.png

The broad gauge(BG) of line 16 miles(26km)was opened in Mar 1890 and named the Jammu-Sialkot Railway, later becoming the Jammu and Kashmir Railway (Native State Section) [3]; being a branch of the North Western Railway(NWR) from Wazirabad, Punjab, to Jammu through Sialkot. [4]

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