Kolar and Mysore District Board

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Kolar and Mysore District Board

The ‘Kolar District Board’, financed from the proceeds of a debenture loan, the Bowringpet-Kolar Railway from Bowringpet to Kolar. A 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) of 10½ miles(17km), which opened in Dec 1913. The line was constructed by the Mysore Durbar [1].

As the District Board was unable to raise the entire capital for the whole of the line from Bowringpet to Chik-Ballapur, the cost was bourne in equal proportions both by the Mysore Durbar and the Kolar District Board .The 52 mile(84km) extension from Kolar via Chistamani to Chik-Ballapur opened in 1916, giving a total line of 63½ miles(101km)[1].This entire line became known as the Kolar District Railway

The Mysore Durbar and the Kolar District Board were joint owners of the later development of the 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) lines - Chikballapur-Bangalore City Railway and the Yelahaka-Bangarpet Railway. [2]

All these railway lines worked by Mysore State Railway(MSR)

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