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Presidency: Madras
Coordinates: 12.3033°N, 76.645866°E
Altitude: 763 m (2,503 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Mysore
State/Province: Karnataka
Country: India
Transport links
Mysore-Arsikere Railway
Mysore-Nanjangud Railway
Mysore State Railway

"Mysore, capital of the state of Mysore, India, one of the Princely states, 10 miles S.W. of Seringapatam on the Mysore State Railway."

The British controlled Mysore city from 1799 to 1881.[1]

Taxidermy in Mysore

Van Ingen and Van Ingen, based in Mysore was a leading taxidermy company . According to page 7 of the Winter 2009 Newsletter of Friends Of The British Library, which introduces a proposed talk by Dr Pat A Morris author of Van Ingen and Van Ingen: Artists in Taxidermy, available at the British Library: “This factory once employed 150 people, processing 400 tigers and 600 leopards each year” The factory operated from about 1900. It ceased to trade in 1990s but business had been in decline since the 1960s due to the laws restricting the hunting of endangered species – which included tigers. Further information can be found in the Wikipedia article Van Ingen & Van Ingen.

Photographs of the finished product, mainly heads and rugs:

  • Van-Ingen & Van-Ingen Gallery from The Taxidermy Emporium
  • British Historical Taxidermy Society. Select: The Pictorial History Of Taxidermy/Historical Collection/Van Ingen and Van Ingen. (Alternatively scroll down to the Quick Link, and select Van Ingen And Van Ingen. However this link, which previously opened, did not open 8 May 2016.)

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Historical books online

Gold. Sport and Coffee Planting in Mysore by Robert H Elliot (2009) – original copyright 1898. Limited Preview, Google Books. Full version, Project Gutenburg on Other download options


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