Nowshera-Durgai Railway

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Nowshera-Durgai Railway
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Line of route
Naushahra(Nowshera) to Dargai[Durgai)
Gauge / mileage
Narrow (2'6") gauge 40 miles (1905)
Key locations
Presidency Bengal
Stations Naushahra, Kabul River Right/South Bank, Kabul River Left/North Bank, Rashkai (Mile 9½), Mardan(Mile 14½), Kalapani Flag station(Mile 19½), Takht-i-Bhal(Mile 23½), Porko Dheri Flag station(Mile 27¼), Hathian(Mile 31¼), Sakhakot Flag station(Mile 36¼) and Dargai(Mile 40).
System agency
Worked by North Western Railway
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Nowshera-Durgai Railway connected the towns of Naushahra and Dargai - see ‘Spelling Note

The railway was a military, 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) line that interchanged with the broad gauge(BG) the North Western Railway(NWR) main line from Rawalpindi to Peshawar and the Khyber Pass. The line from Naushahra to Dargai, a length of 40 miles (64km), opened in 1901 [1].

The military line built from Naushahra(Nowshera) ran 40 miles(64km) northwards to Dargai[Durgai) at the foot of the Malakand Pass, the entrance to Chitral on the Afghan Border. After 2 miles(3.2km) the line met the Kabul River, it crossed this by means of a ‘Boat Bridge’. Only freight trains were permitted to cross, passengers had to detrain and cross by boat. The line crossed two other significant rivers, the Baghiara at ‘Mile 28’ and the Lokhora (Mile 38). The line followed the alignment of the old military road and there nine intermediate stations (see Table ‘Stations’). Locomotive watering facilities were at Naushahra(Nowshera), Kabul River Left/North Bank, Mardan and Dargai. There was a locomotive shed and small workshops at Kabul River Left/North Bank for light repairs, with major repairs being carried out at Rawalpindi. There were turntables at Kabul River Left/North Bank and Dargai [2].

The line was taken over by the NWR in 1921, although in 1918 classified under the NWR with the remark “Contract – Nil - The line is owned and worked by the State” [1]

Spelling Note

  • Nowshera – Durgai Railway is used to identify the railway
  • Naushahra and Dargai is used to identify the towns
  • Nowshera and Durgai are spellings used in the “Imperial Gazetteer of India”, Table IX ‘Railways Worked by each Railway Administration on June 30 1905’ and in the “Administration Report on Railways 1918” [3] [1]
  • Naushahra and Dargai are spelling used in the “Imperial Gazetteer of India”, v. 23, p. 185-6 [4]

Further Information

See North Western Railway

Historical books online

  • Nowshera-Dargai Railway. Simla : G.C. Press, [1905]. Northwestern University Libraries Digitized Books. Catalogue entry Series: Technical Section papers (India. Railway Board. Technical Section) ; no. 180.


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