Second Intervention

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Second Intervention
4-14 August 1900
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: route from Tientsin to Peking, China
Eight Nation Alliance Righteous Harmony Society
Qing Empire
Result: Allied victory
3rd China War Medal
Clasps: Taku Forts, Defence of Legations, Relief of Pekin
Category: Second Intervention
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Second Intervention
3rd China War
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This was the second attempt at the relief of Peking in the 3rd China War. An allied force of some 20,000 troops set out from Tientsin on 4 August 1900 and reached Peking on 14 August. The siege of the legations was relieved and Peking occupied.

British Contingent

3,000 troops under Lieutenant-General Alfred Gaselee

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