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Sind-Sagar Railway
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The Sind-Sagar Railway was originally constructed by the Punjab Northern State Railway(PNSR) as a metre gauge(MG) State Railway from Lala Musa to Malakwal in 1880, a distance of 37 miles(59km) [1]. This line formed a branch to the PNSR line from Lahore via Lala Musa to Jhelum which had opened in 1873 as a MG line and converted to broad gauge(BG) in 1878 [2].

In some early records the line was called the ‘Sind-Sagar (Salt Branch) Railway’. Salman Rashid writes “Nearing the end of the 19th century, the salt mines at Khewra were fully functional on modern lines and delivering up large quantities of fine rock salt every month. The earlier camel trains to the marts east of the Jhelum River or the river journey upstream and down were slow and cumbersome. A rail connection to Khewra was the answer” [3]. The salt mines were connected to the PNSR at Malakwal by the ‘’ Khewra Salt Mines Tramway’ - see separate page.

In 1886 the Sind-Sagar Railway was amalgamated with other railways to form the North-Western State Railway(NWR) and railway line from Lala Musa to Malukwal was converted to broad gauge(BG) [1].

The Chak-Nizam Bridge, also known as the Victoria Bridge was completed in early 1887 over the river Jhelum in the Shahpur district about 100 miles north-west of Lahore and connected Jhelum to Lahore.

Following amalgamation the railway became known as the ‘NWR Frontier Section (Military) Sind-Sagar Mainline’. The completion of the Chenab Bridge in 1890 connecting to Shershar [1].

After 1947, the line became the Shorkot-Lalamusa Branch Line which begins from Shorkot Cantonment Junction station and ends at Lalamusa Junction station. The total length of this railway line is 314 kilometers (195 mi). There are 42 railway stations from Shorkot Junction to Lalamusa Junction [4].

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