2nd Regiment of Foot

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Also known as Queen's Own Regiment and Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment



  • 1661 raised as Tangier Regiment of Foot by Earl of Peterborough
  • 1685 became Queen Dowager's Regiment of Foot known as Kirke's Lambs
  • 1703 renamed the Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot
  • 1715 became Princess of Wales's Own Regiment of Foot
  • 1725 became Queen's Own Regiment of Foot
  • 1747 became Queen's Own Royal Regiment of Foot
  • 1751 became 2nd (The Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot
  • 1881 became Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment
  • 1921 became Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
  • 1948 became part of the Home Counties Brigade
  • 1959 became 1st Battalion, Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment by amalgamation with the East Surrey Regiment
  • 1966 amalgamated to form 1st Battalion (Queen's Surreys), The Queen's Regiment
  • 1992 became part of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment

Service in British India

1st Battalion alternated with 2nd Battalion
1801 Egypt 1878 India
1825 India 1881 Bengal
1838 Baluchistan 1883 Subathu
1839 1st Afghan War 1885 Cawnpore
1844 Maratha 1886 Burma
1868 India 1888 Umballa
1895 Dagshai 1892 Dinapore
1897 Tirah 1919 Delhi
1902 Peshawar 1921 Landi Kotal
1902 Meerut 1923 Allahabad
1906 Sialkot 1943 India
1934 Quetta 1944 Burma
1936 Allahabad
1943 Burma


The British Library has a nine volume history in its collection

The History of the Second, Queen’s Royal Regiment, now the Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment by Lieut.-Colonel John Davis ... With maps and illustrations. (Volume 7. Compiled by Colonel H. C. Wylly.-Volumes 8, 9. Compiled by Major R. C. G. Foster. Published 1887-1961. For details of these volumes, see the Bibliography section in this link (scroll down)
Volumes 1-7 are available online, refer below.

Regimental journal

The Journal of the Queen's Royal Regiment Volume no. 1.-Volume 12. no. 1. November 1925-October 1959. Not published between May 1939 and May 1948. Available at the British Library and the Surrey History Centre (refer below). The National Army Museum, according to its online catalogue holds Volumes 1-7.

First World War

1/4th Battalion: 29 October 1914 : to India, remaining there throughout the war.

1/5th Battalion: 29 October 1914 : to India, remaining there until December 1915 when moved to Mesopotamia, where they remained throughout the war.[1] Note that there was at least one death in India, at Murree, of a soldier who died there in 1916 from pneumonia.[2]

External links

Historical books online

The History Of The Second Queen's Regiment Vol 4 1800-1837 by Colonel John Davis Archive.org.
The History of the Second, Queen's Royal Regiment, now the Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regiment, Volume 5 1837- 1905. Also Volume 6 Officers’ Services 1661-1904 by Colonel John Davis 1906. Archive.org
History of the Queen’s Royal Regiment Volume 7 [1905- 1923] by Colonel H C Wylly c 1925 Archive.org.


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