South Indian Railway Personnel

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South Indian Railway Personnel - a sub-section of South Indian Railway(SIR) page.

SIR Personnel by Department in Chronological Order

The following are notable, with period of service in post indicated.

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Agents of the South India Railway

Consulting Engineers to SIR

  • George Barclay Bruce Sir I.Mech.E, Consulting Engineer first to Great Southern of India Railway from 1856, then to SIR[3].
  • Robert White I.Mec.E., Consulting Engineer to SIR from 1888 [4]: Pamban Viaduct Designer for SIR c.1910 -13 #p.67[1]; formerly GSIR Assistant Engineer, 1869, which became SIR, 1872; rising to the position of acting Chief Engineer of the line, 1881 on leaving India.

Chief Engineers, SIR

Chief Mechanical Engineers

  • Charles Edwin Crighton, 1890-1903, SIR Chief Mechanical Engineer, #p.212[1]; 1880-1890 SIR Locomotive and Carriage Superintendent; 1867- 1880 SIR Resident Engineer and Locomotive Superintendent, before 1867 with Great Southern of India Railway [7]
  • W B Reynolds, 1903-14, SIR Chief Mechanical Engineer. #p.212[1]
  • V Crighton, 1914-22, SIR Chief Mechanical Engineer. #p.212[1]
  • P F Tweedie, 1922-27, SIR Chief Mechanical Engineer. #p.212[1]

Locomotive and Carriage Superintendents, SIR

  • G Crighton, 1918. #p.5[1]

Executive Engineers

  • H W Perry, 1907. #p63[1]

Other Records

1905 Civil List records the following from the Public Works Department - State Railways being deployed to the SIR :–

Miscellaneous Records

  • Frederick James Page, 1902, SIR Works Manager at Negapatam; 1905, SIR District Locomotive Superintendent at Madura [11].