Ambela Campaign

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Ambela Campaign
Part of North West Frontier Campaigns
Date: 18 October-23 December 1863
Location: Ambela Pass, Buner, NWF
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.398975°N 72.490498°E
Result: Submission of tribes
British Yusufzai tribesmen
Brig Gen N Chamberlain
238 killed
670 wounded
3,000 killed & wounded
Ambela Pass 1909

Spelling variants

Ambela; Ambeyla; Ambayla; Umbeyla; Umbeylah; Umbayla: Ambella; Umballah


Following their defeat at the Battle of Sittana in 1858 the Hindustani Fanatics built up a new settlement at Malka and began raiding settlements in British territory. The Governor of the Punjab sent an expedition under Brigadier Neville Bowles Chamberlain. The fanatics persuaded the Bunerwal tribesmen that their land would be taken over. The Akhund of Swat also lent support. Due to this, British met strong opposition at the Ambela Pass and were held up for four weeks. After Chamberlain was wounded, he was replaced by Major General John Garvock who broke out of the pass and eventually obtained the submission of the Bunerwals. The British burned Malka but suffered nearly 1,000 casualties.


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906:
John Miller Adye (1819-1900)
Charles Henry Brownlow (1831-1916)
Neville Bowles Chamberlain (1820-1902)
John Garvock (18??-1878)
Thomas Elliott Hughes (1830-1886)
Charles Patton Keyes (1823-1896)
Reynell George Taylor (1822-1886)
Alfred Thomas Wilde (1819-1878)

Ambela Field Force

First Brigade
Col W.W.Turner CB, 97th Foot

Second Brigade
Lt Col A.T.Wilde CB, Corps of Guides

Divisional Troops

Reinforcements arrived December

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