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Bangalore Hindupur Railway is the original name of this railway.
It is described in later records as the Hindupur-Yesvantpur Railway - see separate page and also as the Hindupur (Yesvantpur-Mysore Frontier) Railway; and the Yesvantpur-Mysore Frontier Railway

The Bangalore Hindupur Railway was a 51 mile(82km) line from Yesvantpur to the Mysore Frontier at Hindupur via Dod-Ballapur, and a section of the metre gauge(MG) Mysore State Railway(MSR). The line was a branch from Yesvantpur , 3 miles (5 km) north-west of Bangalore) on the Bangalore Harihar Railway that had been opened by the MSR in 1884 [1].

The line opened in 1893 and had 9 stations and was worked by the Southern Mahratta Railway (SMR) .

On 1 July 1893 two sections of the MSR, the Bangalore-Harihar and Bangalore-Hidupur Railways were transferred by the State of Mysore to the Government of India, giving full jurisdiction and operation [2]. The Railway continued to be operated by the SMR.

From 1 Jan 1938, the lines leased to M&SMR, which included the ‘Bangalore Hindupur Section’ reverted to the control of the State of Mysore, creating a homogenous railway of just under 740 miles. In 1950, MSR was nationalised and in 1951 became part of Southern Railway, one of the then newly formed zones of Indian Railways.

Further Information

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