Battle of Asmai Heights

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Battle of Asmai Heights
Part of 2nd Afghan War 1878-80
Date: 14 December 1879
Location: Asmai Heights, Kabul, Afghanistan
Presidency: not in British India
Co-ordinates: 34.551932°N 69.146323°E
Result: British withdrawal
British & Indians Various Afghan tribes
Maj Gen Frederick Roberts
Lt Col Thomas Baker
Unknown tribal leaders
1,200 infantry
1 regiment of native cavalry
8 guns
8,000 tribesmen

Assault force

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Recommended Reading

"Road to Kabul" by Brian Robson 1986 ISBN 1862271968

General Roberts' March to Kabul

Actions fought on this march:
Charasia – Killa Kazee – Takht-I-Shah – Asmai Heights – Siege of Sherpur Cantonment – Kabul

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Part of the 2nd Afghan War