General Roberts' March from Kabul to Kandahar

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Following the defeat at the Battle of Maiwand, General Roberts set out on 7 August 1880 on a forced march from Kabul to relieve Kandahar. on 1 September Roberts defeated Yakub Khan at the Battle of Baba Wullee. General Stewart completed the evacuation of British troops from Kabul on 11 September and Brig-Gen Watson took remaining British forces out of Kurram 6-21 October. The last British units left Kandahar on 15 Aprill 1881.

Field Force from Kabul

9,986 men, 8,134 camp followers, 1,779 cavalry horses and 450 artillery mules
Cavalry Brigade

Artillery Division

1st Infantry Brigade

2nd Infantry Brigade

3rd Infantry Brigade


  • 2,192 doolie bearers
  • 4,698 transport and other departments
  • 1,244 private servants and native cavalry grooms

Forced March Itinerary

8 August Left Kabul
15 August Reached Ghuznee 90 miles
23 August Relieved Khelat-i-Ghilzai 220 miles
31 August Reached Kandahar 300 miles

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General Roberts' March from Kabul to Kandahar

Actions fought on this march:
Maiwand – Baba Wullee (Kandahar)

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Part of the 2nd Afghan War