General Roberts' March to Kabul

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Following the murder of the resident Cavagnari on 30 September 1879, General Roberts advanced from Ali Kheyl to Kabul winning the Battle of Charasia on the way. The Amir Yakub Khan abdicated and the country descended into various tribal allegiances. A relief column under General Gough fought the Battle of Jagdalak before reaching Kabul. Following the action at the Battle of Asmai Heights and the Siege of Sherpur Cantonment, Roberts defeated the Afghans at the Battle of Kabul. The following year Abdul Rahman was made Amir and it seemed as though the British could withdraw with some vestige of honour.

Kabul Field Force

Cavalry Brigade
Brig Gen William Godfrey Dunham Massy commanding
Lieut J P Brabazon, 10th Hussars, Brigade Major

Lt-Col B. L. Gordon commanding
Capt J W Inge, Adjutant

Lt-Col A Perkins CB commanding
Lieut F Spratt, Adjutant
Capt Woodthorpe RE in charge of surveying
Capt Stratton, 22nd Regiment, in charge of signalling
Lieut F Burn-Murdoch RE, Royal Engineer Park

First Infantry Brigade
Brig Gen Herbert Macpherson VC commanding
Capt G de C Morton, 6th Foot, Brigade Major

Second Infantry Brigade
Brig Gen Thomas Durand Baker
Capt W C Farwell, 26th Punjab Infantry, Brigade Major

Third Infantry Brigade
Brig-Gen John Adam Tytler VC

General Roberts' March to Kabul

Actions fought on this march:
Charasia – Killa Kazee – Takht-I-Shah – Asmai Heights – Siege of Sherpur Cantonment – Kabul

General Browne's March from Peshawar to Gandamak – General Roberts' March to Ali Kheyl – General Stewart's March to Kandahar
General Roberts' March to Kabul – General Stewart's March to Kabul – General Roberts' March from Kabul to Kandahar
Part of the 2nd Afghan War