General Stewart's March to Kandahar

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General Stewart set out at the end of November 1878 with the third invading force from Multan and, on 8 January 1879, reached Kandahar which the enemy had abandoned. In March 1880 he left the Bombay division of his force as a garrison under Maj-Gen Primrose and marched to Kabul fighting battles at Ahmed Khel and Urzu on the way. Part of the field force went with General Roberts on his march to relieve Kandahar while he led the remainder back to India via the Khyber Pass.

Kandahar Field Force

First Division
13,000 troops under Lt Gen Donald Stewart

Cavalry Brigade
Brig Gen Walter Fane

Royal Artillery
Brig Gen Charles George Arbuthnot

  • One Horse Battery
  • Three Field Batteries
  • Two Heavy Batteries
  • Three Seige Batteries
  • One Mountain Battery

First Infantry Brigade
Brig Gen R. Barter

Second Infantry Brigade
Brig Gen W. Hughes

2nd Division
Maj Gen Michael Anthony Shrapnel Biddulph

Cavalry Brigade
Brig Gen C. H. Palliser

Col Cecil Le Mesurier

  • One Field Battery
  • Two Mountain Batteries

First Infantry
Brig Gen R. Lacy

Second Infantry Brigade
Brig Gen Thomas Nuttall

General Stewart's March to Kabul

Actions fought on this march:
Ahmad Khel – Urzoo

General Browne's March from Peshawar to Gandamak – General Roberts' March to Ali Kheyl – General Stewart's March to Kandahar
General Roberts' March to Kabul – General Stewart's March to Kabul – General Roberts' March from Kabul to Kandahar
Part of the 2nd Afghan War