General Browne's March from Peshawar to Gandamak

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In November 1878, after the refusal of the Afghans to admit a British delegation, Gen Browne led the first of the invasion force through the Khyber Pass to Gandamak fighting the Battle of Ali Masjid Fort on the way. He established a base at Jellalabad from which Gen Gough fought actions at Jagdalak and Futtehabad. The presence of overwhelming occupation forces led to the Treaty of Gandamak on 26 May 1879 which gave the British control of the Kurram Valley and the Khyber and Michni Passes. General Browne withdrew from Gandamak on 6 June reaching Peshawar on 26 June 1879.

Peshawar Field Force

16,000 troops and 48 guns under Lt Gen Sir Samuel J Browne KCSI CB VC

Cavalry Brigade
Brig Gen Sir Charles J S Gough VC CB

Royal Artillery
Colonel W. J. Williams

  • One Horse Battery
  • One Field Battery
  • Three Heavy Batteries
  • Three Mountain Batteries

First Infantry Brigade
Brig Gen Herbert T Macpherson

Second Infantry Brigade
Brig Gen John A Tytler VC

Third Infantry Brigade
Brig Gen Frederick E Appleyard

Fourth Infantry Brigade
Brig Gen W. Browne

General Browne's March from Peshawar to Gandamak

Actions fought on this march:
Ali Masjid – Futtehabad

General Browne's March from Peshawar to Gandamak – General Roberts' March to Ali Kheyl – General Stewart's March to Kandahar
General Roberts' March to Kabul – General Stewart's March to Kabul – General Roberts' March from Kabul to Kandahar
Part of the 2nd Afghan War