Battle of Futtehabad

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Battle of Futtehabad
Part of 2nd Afghan War 1878-80
Date: 2 April 1879
Location: Poshtehā-i Fateḩābād, Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.354168°N 70.295028°E
Result: British victory
British & Indians Various Afghan tribes
Brig Gen Sir Charles Gough CB VC unknown tribal leaders
1,000 5,000
6 killed & 40 wounded 300 killed & 900 wounded


The Peshawar Field Force spent the winter of 1878 at Jalalabad. Receiving intelligence of gathering groups of tribesmen, General Sam Browne sent out three forces at the end of March 1879. Two squadrons of cavalry under Brig-Gen Herbert Macpherson suffered a disaster crossing the Kabul river when 122 men were swept away. The second force failed to surprise the Afghans and returned without having met the enemy. The third force under Brig-Gen Sir Charles Gough engaged 5,000 Kugiani tribesmen defending a stone breastwork. The cavalry charged then retreated drawing the Afghans forward past waiting infantry who opened a destructive fire routing the enemy. Major Wigram Battye was killed in the action and Lieut Walter Hamilton won the VC.

Gough's Field Force

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