Battle of Baba Wullee 1880

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Also known as the Battle of Kandahar

Battle of Baba Wullee 1880
Part of 2nd Afghan War 1878-80
Date: 1 September 1880
Location: Argandab, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 31.647689°N 65.671617°E
Result: British victory
British & Indians Various Afghan tribes
Lieut General Frederick Roberts Ayub Khan
11,000 troops
32 guns
13,000 Afghan regulars & tribesmen
248 killed & wounded 2,500 killed
Baba Wali Battle Plan

The Order of Battle of the Kabul-Kandahar Field Force

Commander in Chief Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Roberts VC. KCB
Cavalry Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Hugh Gough VC CB

Artillery Brigade commanded by Colonel Alured Johnson
3 batteries Mountain Artillery

Infantry Division commanded by Maj-Gen Sir John Ross KCB

Third Brigade commanded by Brigadier General Charles Metcalfe MacGregor CB

Kandahar Regiments

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"Road to Kabul" by Brian Robson 1986 ISBN 1862271968

General Roberts' March from Kabul to Kandahar

Actions fought on this march:
Maiwand – Baba Wullee (Kandahar)

General Browne's March from Peshawar to Gandamak – General Roberts' March to Ali Kheyl – General Stewart's March to Kandahar
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Part of the 2nd Afghan War