Battle of Koonch

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Battle of Koonch
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 7 May 1858
Location: Kunch, Uttar Pradesh
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 25.996953°N 79.17181°E
Result: British victory
East India Company Rebel sepoys
Sir Hugh Rose Rani of Jhansi
Tatya Tope

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Kunch
Variants: Koonch

Field Force, Hyderabad Contingent

Major W A Orr commanding

  • 1st Company Artillery (two 6-pounder guns)
  • 2nd Company Artillery (three 6-pounder guns)
  • 4th Company Artillery (two 12-pounder howitzers, two 5.5 inch mortars)

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