Hill station cantonments and camps

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To escape the heat of summer on the plains, British Army troops were often posted to the hill station cantonments or camps during the summer months. Many of these cantonments were not occupied during the winter, or had only minimum personnel for maintenance, The accommodation in summer camps was often tents.

Typically troops (all or part of a Regiment) would spent some, or all, of the period late April/early May to early October in the cooler mountains.

However, some of the larger cantonments appear to have been occupied by troops all the year.

Bengal Presidency

Locations West to East, showing latitude and longitude, and elevation. See also Hazara Galis.

  • Cherat 33.81°N, 71.88°E. 892 m (2,927 ft)
  • Murree 33.90°N 73.39°E. 2,291.2 m (7,517 ft). Includes Clifden, SunnyBank, Gharial and Kuldana. Located in the surrounding area known as Murree Hills or the Galis were Bara Gali, Barian, Ghora Dakha, Kalabagh, Khaira Gali, Khanspur, Thobba, Tret, Upper Topa, Lower Topa.
  • Dalhousie 32.53°N 75.98°E. 1,954 metres (6,411 ft)
  • Kasauli 30.9°N 76.96°E. 1795m (5889 ft)
  • Subathu 30.97°N 76.99°E. 1,265 m (4,150 ft)
  • Dagshai 30.88°N 77.05°E. 1,734 m (5,689 ft)
  • Solon 30.92°N 77.12°E. 1,600 m (5,200 ft)
  • Jutogh 31.1°N 77.12°E. 1,729 m (5,673 ft). Near Simla
  • Chakrata 30.69°N 77.86°E. 2,118 m (6,949 ft). Includes nearby Kailana.
  • Dehra Dun 30°20′N 78°04′E. 960m[1] (3150 ft). Clarence Town cantonment. Includes Ghangora (Gangora) 9km away.
  • Mussoorie 30.45°N 78.08°E. 1,826 m (5,991 ft) includes Landour.
  • Pachmarhi 22.46°N 78.43°E. 1,015 m (3,330 ft). Located in the Central Provinces
  • Lansdowne 29.83°N 78.68°E. 1,400 m (4,600 ft). Originally named Kaludanda.
  • Ranikhet 29.65°N 79.42°E. 1,869 m (6,132 ft). Includes Chaubattia 7km away.
  • Naini Tal 29.38°N, 79.45°E. 2,084 m (6,837 ft)
  • Almora 29.60°N 79.67°E. 1,860 m (6,100 ft)
  • Darjeeling 27.03°N 88.26°E. 2,134 m (7,001 ft). Includes Lebong, Jalapahar and Katapahar

Madras Presidency

Bombay Presidency

  • Mount Abu 24.59°N 72.70°E. 1,220 m (4,000 ft)


  • Maymyo 22°2′4.38″N 96°27′31.49″E. 1,070 meters (3510 ft).