Siege of Delhi 1857 – Subzee Mundee

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Siege of Delhi 1857 – Subzee Mundee
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 9 June, 9 July & 13 August 1857
Location: Sabzi Mandi, Delhi
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 28.669452°N 77.20462°E
Result: Successsful British attack
East India Company Rebel Sepoys
Red Fort Plan 1906

This event was part of the Delhi Campaign during the Indian Mutiny

HEIC Forces in August 1857

Infantry Officers and Men
HM 8th Foot, headquarters 198
HM 61st Foot, headquarters 296
HM 75th Foot, headquarters 513
HM 60th Rifles, headquarters 299
1st European Bengal Fusiliers 520
2nd European Bengal Fusiliers 556
Guides Infantry 275
Sirmoor Goorkha Battalion 296
1st Punjaub Infantry 725
4th Sikh Infantry 345
Cavalry Officers and Men
HM Carabiniers 153
HM 9th Lancers 428
Guides Cavalry 338
1st Punjaub Cavalry 148
2nd Punjaub Cavalry 110
5th Punjaub Cavalry (at Alipore) 116
Artillery and Engineers Officers and Men
Artillery, European and Native 1129
Bengal Sappers and Miners 209
Punjaub Sappers and Miners 264
Total 6,918
Sick 765
Wounded 1,116

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