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Scientific and Miscellaneous books online

Miscellaneous titles

Surgical Ethics in Āyerveda by G D Singhal 1963
On Alexander's Track to the Indus. Personal Narrative of Explorations on the North-West Frontier of India by Sir Aurel Stein 1929 Books to Borrow. version but photographs are poor quality.
New edition 1884, Part I New edition 1884, Part II All
  • Journal of Indian Art. 17 volumes published 1886 -1916, "documenting the rich cultural traditions of colonial-era India" University of Minnesota Libraries, Ames Library of South Asia. Also published under the title Journal of Indian Art and Industry. A quarterly publication. If link is not permanent, use the Search.
Volumes XIII, XIV, catalogued Vol. 11-14 Contains Volume XIII 1910 "Indian Timbers" (April, July, October) together with Volume XIV 1911 "Tile Mosaics of the Lahore Fort", text in four parts. Text quality below average, image quality extremely bad
The Military System Of The Marathas by Surendra Nath Sen 1928. Full title: Military System of the Marathas. With a brief account of their maritime activities. Some editions have the short title only. version, mirror from Digital Library of India. 2nd edition 1958 version mirror from DLI.
Hindustan under Free Lances, 1770-1820; sketches of military adventure in Hindustan during the period immediately preceding British occupation by H G Keene 1907
"Indian Adventurers" pages 246-296 Soldiers of Fortune in Camp and Court by Alexander Innes Shand 1907
European Freebooters In Moghul India by Lester Hutchinson 1964, version, mirror from Digital Library of India. Full title has the additional wording [With special reference to Walter R. Sombre, George Thomas and Benoît de Boigne]
  • The Birth of Indian Psychology and its Development in Buddhism by Mrs. Rhys Davids 1936. version, mirror from Digital Library of India.
  • Medieval Routes To India: Baghdad To Delhi by HC Verma 1960. Full title: Medieval Routes to India: Baghdad to Delhi. A study of trade and military routes. version, mirror from Digital Library of India.
  • Historical Dictionary of Medieval India by Iqtidar Alam Khan 2008.
  • Accounts of the Gypsies of India collected and edited by David MacRitchie 1886 The gypsies of Europe originated from the north west of India.
"The Gypsy" Part II, page 131 The Jew The Gypsy and El Islam by the late Captain Sir Richard F Burton, edited with a Preface and Brief Notes by W H Wilkins 1898. The section on the Gypsies originally written c 1875.
  • Parsis in India and the Diaspora edited by John R. Hinnells and Alan Williams 2008
  • A Guide to the Old Observatories at Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain, Benares by G.R. Kaye. 1920. version, mirror from Digital Library of India.
  • Journal Of The Indian Society Of Oriental Art Broken range, Vol.2 No.1, 1934 to Volume 18, 1951., many from the Digital Library of India Collection.
  • Bibliotheca Indosinica: Dictionnaire bibliographique des ouvrages relatifs à la péninsule indochinoise [Biblioteca Indosinica: Bibliographic dictionary of books on the Indochinese Peninsula] by Henri Cordier 1912 Includes English publications.
Volume I Includes Birmanie [Burma], Assam, Siam and Laos. Volume II Péninsule Malaise [Malayan Peninsula] and Volume III Indochine Francaise same digital file; Volume IV Indochine Francaise continued, Cambodge, Laos, Tchampa [Annam or Cochin-China, which became part of Vietnam]. Contents by volume, Index of authors, Alphabetical Index for all volumes.


  • Also see
  • Two publications in one digital file: An Account of Indian Serpents collected on the Coast of Coromandel by Patrick Russell MD, FRS 1796. A Continuation of an Account of Indian Serpents by Patrick Russell 1801. Both publications with Plates. 1796 version with Plates together with 1801 publication with Plates. The 1801 volume is Part II, and contains Appendices written in 1804 and 1809. Missing at least one Plate from each publication., Granth Sanjeevani Collection.
An Account of Indian Serpents collected on the Coast of Coromandel by Patrick Russell MD, FRS 1796. With Plates, which are at the back of the book. Linda Hall Library Kansas City, USA, LHL Digital Collections. Note: after the Zoom in icon, click on the next icon Full Browser, for ease of reading. The images are stated to be in Tiff format, so if you cannot see the images you will need to download a Tiff plugin. Another 1796 version with Plates.
A Continuation of an Account of Indian Serpents by Patrick Russell 1801 With Plates.
Natural history of the insects of India by E Donovan . A new edition with additional matter by J O Westwood. 1838 edition Click on the thumbnail icon (top L H corner) to locate the coloured plates. 1842. With coloured plates at the back of the book; 1842. With coloured plates throughout the book.
Images from the book New York Public Library Digital Collection.
  • Illustrations of Indian Zoology: chiefly selected from the collection of Major-General Hardwicke ... by John Edward Gray. With coloured plates. Originally issued in twenty undated parts during the years 1830-1835, each part containing ten coloured plates.[1]
Volume I, 1830-1832, Contents; Volume II 1833-1834, Contents; Both I and Vol.II, same digital file., Granth Sanjeevani Collection. Note some Plates appear to be missing.
Individual Images, Volumes I and II, New York Public Library Digital Collection. Note images are clearly labelled. Also possible to view in book format.
The Royal Tiger of Bengal, his Life and Death by J Fayrer MD Bengal Medical Service 1875
Destruction of Life in India by Wild Animals by J Fayrer From Nature, Jan. 18, 1883.
The Deadly Wild Beasts of India by J Fayrer 1889
"Selection and Treatment of Elephants" page 365, 1919 edition
The Common Birds of Bombay by EHA [Edward Hamilton Aitken] c 1900. First published in the Times of India.
The Common Birds of India by EHA 3rd edition, 1947. An edited version by Salim Ali of The Common Birds of Bombay
Concerning Animals and Other Matters by E H Aitken (EHA) 1914.
Sterndale’s Mammalia of India: A New and Abridged edition by Frank Finn 1929
Seonee; or, Camp life on the Satpura Range; a Tale of Indian Adventure by Robert Armitage Sterndale, 2nd Edition 1877 (First published 1877?) With illustrations by the author. Central Provinces of India. Set in fictional form (for juveniles), but based on actual experiences.
Sketches only, no text different digital file.
The Game Animals of India, Burma, Malaya, and Tibet; being a new and revised edition of 'The Great and Small Game of India, Burma, and Tibet' by R Lydekker 1907
Volume I only (although catalogued Vol. 2] 1911 edition, published in four volumes.
  • Memoirs Of A Camp- Follower by Philip Gosse. 1934. Some later editions were titled Memoirs of a Camp-Follower : a Naturalist Goes to War or A Naturalist Goes to War. The author was a doctor RAMC, who has served on the Western Front 1915-1917, including his appointment as Rat Officer to the Second Army, and was then posted to India. Digital Library of India Collection.
  • "A Little Elephant" by H Warington Smyth page 234 Blackwood’s Magazine, no 211 January-June 1922 The Siamese training of an elephant in the wild.
  • Wild Animals In Central India by A A Dunbar Brander 1923. version, mirror from Digital Library of India. The author was a Conservator of Forests in the Central Provinces.
  • With A Camera In Tiger Land by F W Champion 1928 (first published 1927) The author was in the Imperial Forest Service of India, a keen naturalist and photographer.
The Jungle In Sunlight And Shadow by FW Champion version, mirror from Digital Library of India.

Game Birds


Journals of the Asiatic Societies and related publications

The Asiatic Society of Bengal issued many differently named publications including Asiatick Researches from 1788 to Volume XX 1839, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, published from 1832 to Volume 73, 1904, Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal published separately from 1865 to 1904, Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal new series, v. 1-30, 1905-1934. Superseded by the society's Journal 3rd ser. (called 1935-39, Journal and proceedings 3rd ser.), Memoirs of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Issued by: 1905-1935, Asiatic Society of Bengal; 1938-40, Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal. Irregular publications to 1949

Asiatic Researches

Gleanings in Science

Published in Calcutta. In 1832 the publication was merged with/became Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Google Books

Volume 1 1829 Contents Volume 2 1830 Contents Volume 3 1831 Contents

Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal

Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal: New Series Volume I 1905 to Volume XXX 1934, together with two volumes of Letters, published to 1937: A and B
  • A number of Journals, Proceedings and Memoirs are available on Pahar-Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset, located under the category Journals, as pdf downloads. If this website is unavailable, see the comments in Online books.

Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society

The Society continued until 1873 when it amalgamated with the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Mainly Google Books Volume 19

Volume 1, 1836-1838 (reprint 1844)


Volume 2, 1838- May 1839 Volume 3, June 1839-Feb 1840


Volume 4, May-Aug 1840


Volume 5, Sept-Nov 1840


Volume 6, Sept 1841-May 1844


Volume 7, May 1844- Dec 1846


Volume 8, Jan 1847-May 1849


Volume 9, May 1849-Aug 1850


Volume 10, Sept 1850-June 1852


Volume 11, July 1852-Dec 1853


Volume 12, Dec 1854-March 1856


Volume 13, March 1856-March 1857


Volume 14, May 1857-May 1858


Volume 15, May 1858- May 1860


Volume 16, June 1860- Dec 1862


Volume 17, Jan 1863 to Dec 1864


Index of Volumes 1-17 1866 Volume 18, Jan 1865- Dec 1867


Volume 19, Jan 1868-Dec 1873


Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay

Journals for 1841-1954 issued by the society under an earlier name: Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society.

Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1841 to 2012.


  • Multiple editions of Journal of the Burma Research Society from Volume I 1911 to Volume XXII 1932.
  • Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society from Volume 1 1845. See Ceylon
  • The Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia. Published at Singapore Volumes 1-9 1847-1855; New Series Volumes 1-4 1856-59/63. See Singapore
  • Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1878-1922. See Singapore
  • Journal of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society from c late 1850s. See China
  • Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland Volumes I-III 1827-1834., HathiTrust Digital Library
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland from 1834. Multiple volumes: HathiTrust A, B.
PAHAR Mountains of Central Asia Dataset, category Journals, under the heading Royal Central Asian Society Journal 1904-1962 contains the links for pdf downloads for Proceedings of the Central Asian Society 1904-1911 and Journal of the Central Asian Society from Volume 1, 1914 to Volume 49, 1962. Alternatively use the Search to locate volumes.
A broken range of volumes of the Journal from 1914 to 1937, Volume 24 are also available, mirror versions from Digital Library of India.
  • The Indian Antiquary Multiple volumes from Volume I 1872 to Volume LXII, 1933. Later reprints include Volume II 1873. Volume XXI has title The Indian Antiquary; A journal of oriental research in archaeology, epigraphy, ethnology, geography, history, folklore, languages, literature, numismatics, philosophy, religion, etc., many from the Digital Library of India Collection.
  • Multiple editions of Journal of the Siam Society from volume II 1905 to vol XXXI, 1939 (broken range), also vol XLVI, Parts 1-2 June-Nov 1958.
Index Volume I to XXV Journal of the Siam Society 1935
Also available online, where articles may be downloaded, from The Siam Society website. A complete series, currently to 2016. (Journals are placed online three years after being published).
  • The following Geographical Journals are available on the website JSTOR, subdivided into individual articles. You can register and read articles for free (limits apply), see Miscellaneous tips.
The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London 1831-1880 (Vol. 1 - Vol. 50); Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London 1857-1877 (Vol. 2, No. 1 - Vol. 22, No. 6); Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography 1879-1892 (Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 14, No. 12); The Geographical Journal from Volume 1, 1893. Useful for locating individual articles if you have previously found a reference.

Calcutta Journal of Natural History, and Miscellany of the Arts and Sciences in India

Google Books and

Volume 1 1841


Volume 2 1842


Volume 3 1843


Volume 4 1844

General Index

Volume 5 1845

General Index

Volume 6 1846

General Index

Volume 7 1847

General Index

General Index Volumes 1-7 Volume 8 1847-48

Supplementary Index

Alternative files

Illustrations may be of better quality.

Madras Journal of Literature and Science

Editions from 1833. HathiTrust catalogue states "New series, volumes 1-6 also called volumes 17-22. Publication suspended, 1841-43, 1846, 1852-56, 1860, 1862-63, 1866-77, 1881-85."

Proceedings of the Indian Science Congress

Previously available on the Digital Library of India, a broken range of editions from Eleventh Congress 1924 to after 1950, including Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Indian Science Congress 1938, the Silver Jubilee meeting. Mirror versions are available on

Publications of the Indian Museum

The Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India

  • Transactions of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India Google Books
Volume 1 repr. 1838-Contents Volume 2 repr. 1938-Contents Volume 3 repr? 1839-Contents Volume 4 1837-Contents Volume 5 1838-Contents
Volume 6 1939-Contents Volume 7 1840-Contents Volume 8 1841-Contents Index to the Transactions Volumes 1-8 1857
  • Proceedings of the Agricultural & Horticultural Society of India Google Books
January 1841-Contents February 1841-Contents March 1841-Contents April 1841-Contents November 1841-Contents December 1841-Contents
January 1842-Contents February 1842-Contents March 1842-Contents April 1842-Contents May 1842-Contents June 1842-Contents
  • Journal of the Agricultural & Horticultural Society of India Google Books and
Volume 1 1842-Contents Volume 3 1844-Contents Part I-Contents Part II Volume 4 1845-Contents Part I-Contents Part II Volume 6 1848-Contents Part I-Contents Part II Volume IX, Part I with

Membership list at December 1854 *

* Located at the back of the book A residence among the Chinese 
inland, on the coast, and at sea. Being a narrative of scenes and adventures during a third visit to China, from 1853 to 1856 
by Robert Fortune 1857 The author was a plant collector and this book includes information about plant species

Other books relating to Agriculture

All the remaining volumes are also available on as mirror files from Digital Library of India (Vol- II Cabbage to Cyperus: handle/2015/32869 ; Vol- III Dacrydium to Gordonia: handle/2015/32870 ; Vol-IV (Gossypium to Lonociera): handle/2015/32871 ; Vol-V (Linum to Oyster): handle/2015/449489 ; Vol-Vi Part-I (Pachyrhizus to Rye): handle/2015/83728 ; Vol-VI Part-IV (Tectona to Zygophillum) handle/2015/109127, see versions together with Index volume version. The format of an edition, the URL, is If any of the above volumes cannot be located, replace the last number in the URL. Restricted viewing, probably accessible to those in North America, and some other countries: Hathi Trust Digital Library ten volumes.
The commercial products of India : being an abridgment of The dictionary of the economic products of India by Sir George Watt 1908 Index

Botany in British India

A Manual of Gardening for Western and Southern India by Robert Riddell 2nd Edition 1856 Google Books
Other books by Cristobal Acosta 1582 Google Books. 1585 Include illustrations.

The Himalayan Journal

  • The Himalayan Journal, Journal of the Himalayan Club is available online from Volume No 1, 1929 as transcribed articles. Click on the individual articles.
(Journals from previous website, archived.)

1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica

  • Links to all the editions of the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica available on may be accessed though a webpage from Index volume (Volume 29) All 28 volumes of text have the same format URL commencing with Volume 1 The Encyclopaedia contains entries about many locations in India. There is a community project to update articles in this edition of the Encyclopaedia and this is online at Online Encyclopaedia


  1. "The Dates of Issue of J. E. Gray's "Illustrations of Indian Zoology (London, 1830—1835)"" by F. C. Sawyer Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History Volume 3, Issue 1 1953 page 48-55. Full article is available. The dates of publication of individual Plates are listed.