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This page contains links to online editions of historical newspapers and periodicals that are of use to the British India family historian. Many of the books are from the Google Books website.

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Alexander's East India and Colonial Magazine

Originally Alexander's East India Magazine or East India Magazine : and Colonial and Commercial Journal c 1830. Then called Alexander’s East India and Colonial Magazine, and subsequently East India Magazine and Colonial and Commercial Journal.

Nov-Dec 1834 * Volume IX Jan-June 1835 Vol X July-Dec 1835

* Contents at the back of the book. Google Books

The following volumes are available to read online on the Digital Library of India website, with mirror editions on

Allen's Indian Mail

The FIBIS database contains transcriptions of birth, marriage and death notices from Allen's Indian Mail.

Allen's Indian Mail was published until 6 May 1891, when it was incorporated into The Homeward Mail from India, China and the East, see below.

Where there are two volumes in a year, the index is generally in the first volume, although there is no index for 1860, 1862, 1868 (missing volume) or 1872. The volume for January 1872 contains an index, but it is actually in respect of the year 1871.

Vol 1, 1843 Vol 1, 1844 from page 257 Vol 3, 1845 Vol 4, 1846 Vol 5, 1847
Vol 6, 1848 Vol 7, 1849 Vol 8, 1850 Vol 9, 1851 Vol 10, 1852
Vol 11, 1853 Vol 12, 1854 Vol 13, 1855 Vol 14, 1856 Vol 15, 1857

Vol 16, 19 Aug to 20 Dec 1858

Vol 17, Jan-June 1859

Vol 17, July-Dec 1859

Vol 18, Jan-June 1860

Vol 18, July-Dec 1860

Vol 19, Jan-June 1861

Vol 19, July –Dec 1861

Vol 20, Jan-June 1862

Vol 20, July-Dec 1862

Vol 21, Jan-June 1863

Vol 21, July -Dec 1863

Vol 22, Jan-June 1864

Vol 22, July-Dec 1864

Vol 23, Jan –June 1865

Vol 23, July-Dec 1865

Vol 24 , Jan-June 1866

Vol 24, July-Dec 1866

Vol 25, Jan-June 1867

Vol 25, July-Dec 1867


Vol 26, July –Dec 1868

Vol 27, Jan-June 1869

Vol 27, July –Dec 1869

Vol 28, Jan-June 1870

Vol 28, July-Dec 1870

Vol 29 Jan-June 1871

Vol 29 July-Dec 1871

1871 Index

Vol 30 Jan-June 1872#

Vol 30 July-Dec 1872

Vol 31 Jan-June 1873

Vol 31 July-Dec 1873

Vol 32 Jan-June 1874

Vol 32 July-Dec 1874

Vol 33 Jan-June 1875

Vol 33 July-Dec 1875

Vol 34 Jan-June 1876

Vol 34 July-Dec 1876

Vol 35 Jan-June 1877

Vol 35 July-Dec 1877

Vol 36 Jan-June 1878

Vol 36 July-Dec 1878

#Incorrectly contains "Index" for Volume 29, 1871 and is catalogued by Google Books as 1871, but is actually the volume for 1872.

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek/Bavarian State Library has volumes available to 1891, which are being digitised one year at time, when they are no longer subject to copyright. The digital files also then become available on Google Books, as above.

Also see Indian News and Chronicle of Eastern Affairs below.

Asiatic Annual Register

Vol 1, 1799 1799 (2nd ed) Vol 2, 1800 Vol 3, 1801 Vol 4, 1802
Vol 5, 1803 Vol 6, 1804 Vol 7, 1805 Vol 8, 1806 1806 (pt 2)
Vol 9, 1807 Vol 10, 1808 Vol 11, 1809 Vol 12, 1810-11

Asiatic Journal

See the separate list of editions of the Asiatic Journal.

Asiatic Review

Published in England. The title varied over time: 1886-1890 Asiatic Quarterly Review; 1891-1912 Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, and Oriental and Colonial Record. Beginning April 1895, the Proceedings of the East India Association are also included; 1913 Asiatic Quarterly Review; 1914-1952 Asiatic Review.

Volume III January -April 1887, Contents New Series Volume III January-April 1892, Contents New Series Volume V January-April 1893, Contents
New Series: Volume VII January and April 1894, Contents Third Series: Volume I January-April 1896 Contents Third Series Volume IX January-April 1900, Contents
Third Series: Volume XV January-April 1903, Contents Third Series: Volume XVI July-Oct 1903, Contents Third Series: Volume XIX Jan-April 1905, Contents
Third Series: Volume XXVI July-October 1908, Contents

Many editions between 1886 and 1948 are available to read online on the Digital Library of India website, with
Mirror editions available on

Bengal Catholic Herald

Available on Google Books, and, mirror versions from the Digital Library of India.
The Bengal Catholic Expositor

Volume 1 1839 Volume 2 1840 Volume 3 1840

The Bengal Catholic Expositor was replaced by the Catholic Herald (published in Calcutta) which in turn was replaced by the Bengal Catholic Herald

Bengal Catholic Herald

Volume 1 1841 Volume 2 1842 Volume 3 1842 Volume 4 1843 Volume 5 1843
Volume 6 1844 Volume 7 1844 Volume 8 1845 Volume 9 1845 Volume 10 1846
Volume 11 1846 Volume 15 1848
Volume 16 1850 Volume 17 1850 Volume 18 1850 Volumes 20, 21 1851
Volume 21

See Volume 20

Volume 22 1852 Volume 23 1852 Volume 24 1853 Volume 25 1853 July-December

Further editions to 1864, and editions of earlier publications from 1839 are available on the subscription website "19th Century UK Periodicals".

Bengal Hurkaru

Bengal Hurkaru began as a weekly paper, moving to daily publication on April 29, 1819. Bengal Hurkaru: Issues from 1805, 1819, 1828-29, 1834 World Digital Library, a project of the U.S. Library of Congress.

Bengal, Past and Present, Journal of the Calcutta Historical Society

See separate page Bengal, Past and Present, Journal of the Calcutta Historical Society

Bombay Quarterly Review

Vol 1 1855 Vol 2 1855 Vol 3 1856 Vol 4 1856 Vol 5 1857 Vol 6 1857 Vol 7 1858

Calcutta Annual Register


Calcutta Christian Observer

Printed at Baptist Mission Press, Circular Road, Calcutta. Volumes 1-5 include listings of births, marriages, deaths, however the later volumes seem to be limited to missionaries etc. Available to view or download on Google Books.

Vol 1, June-Dec 1832 Vol 2, Jan-Dec 1833 Vol 3, Jan-Dec 1834 Vol 4, Jan- Dec 1835 Vol 5, Jan-Dec 1836
Vol 6, Jan-Dec 1837 Vol 7, Jan-Dec 1838 Vol 8, Jan –Dec 1839 Vol 1, New Series, Jan-Dec 1840

Calcutta Gazette

The Calcutta Gazette became one of the official newspapers of the Government of India and its provincial governments, where official information was ‘gazetted’. It was first published 4 March 1784 as a newspaper titled The Calcutta Gazette and Oriental Advertiser; from September 1791 to May 1815 titled The Calcutta Gazette; June 1815 to March 1832 titled The Government Gazette; from April 1832 resumed the title The Calcutta Gazette. Initially the Government was not connected with the management or editorial policy of the newspaper, but used the newspaper as a medium for official notices etc. From April 1832, the publication ceased to be a newspaper, and became an official Government publication.

  • The Calcutta Gazette is available on findmypast, category "Newspapers & periodicals", with the same contents also available on the British Newspaper Archive, both pay websites (Introduced 13 July 2019). Initially it was published weekly. The date range at introduction is 4 March 1784 to 3 August 1815 with details on a BNA page. It is possible to browse individual editions on BNA, in addition to searching. To browse the findmypast editions, use the filters under "Narrow your search results" (left hand side of the webpage) "By Newspaper" and "By Date". On findmypast, the “County” is classified as West Bengal, India.
  • Available at the the Internet Archive (, from 1838, but most volumes are from the 1870s onwards. The editions, which are mainly mirror versions originating from the Digital Library of India, and DSpace at West Bengal State Central Library, are searchable. Some additional volumes may perhaps be available on the website DSpace at West Bengal State Central Library under the subject category "Gazetteers" as pdf files.
Calcutta Gazette versions (mainly) chronological order.
Calcutta Gazette as a subset of the Collection "Gazettes of India" As a subset of a Collection, there is the advantage of a Text Search available for the subset as a whole. Note there are other Collections on which also contain the Calcutta Gazette, such as the Public Library of India Collection.
For published volumes of extracts from the Calcutta Gazette 1784-1832 see Calcutta - Historical books online.
For editions published during the First World War, see separate list.

Calcutta Magazine and Monthly Register

Published by Samuel Smith & Co, Calcutta. Note that page numbers in some of volumes seem not to be consecutive, perhaps due to the way they have been bound or filmed.

Vol 1-3, 1830 Vol 4-6, 1830 Vol 7-9, 1830 Vol 10-12, '1830
Vol 13-16, 1831 Vol 17-20, 1831 Vol 21-24, 1831 n/a
Vol 25-28, 1832 Vol 29-32, 1832 Vol 33-36, 1832 n/a

Calcutta Monthly Journal

Published by Samuel Smith & Co, 1 Hare Street, Calcutta

Third Series Vol 2, Jan-June 1836 July-Dec 1836
Third Series Vol 3, Jan-June 1837
Third Series Vol 4, Jan-June 1838 July-Dec 1838
Third Series Vol 5, Jan-June 1839

Calcutta Review

See the separate list of editions of the Calcutta Review.

Colonial and Asiatic Review

Published in London from 1852-53. Was previously known as Simmond's Colonial Magazine and Foreign Miscellany (1844-49) and The Colonial Magazine and East India Review (1849-52). Editions can be viewed by page on the National Library of Australia's periodical site.

Google Books and Hathi Trust have:

Vol I, Jan-Apr 1844 Vol II, May-Aug 1844 Vol III, Sept-Dec 1844 Vol IV, Jan-Apr 1845 Vol V, May-Aug 1845 Vol VI, Sept-Dec 1845
Vol VII, Jan-Apr 1846 Vol VIII, Apr-Aug 1846 Vol IX, Sept-Dec 1846 Vol X, Jan-Apr 1847 Vol XI May 1847
Vol XVI, Jan-June 1849 Vol XVII, July-Dec 1849
Vol I, Jul-Dec 1852 Vol II, Jan-June 1853

Colonial Magazine and Commercial Maritime Journal

Published in London between 1840-42, then under the title Fisher's Colonial Magazine and Commercial Maritime Journal from 1842-43. Editions can be viewed by page on the National Library of Australia's periodical site.

Google Books and have:

Vol I, Jan-Apr 1840 Vol II, May-Aug 1840 Vol III, Sept-Dec 1840
Vol IV, Jan-Apr 1841 Vol V, May-Aug 1841 Vol VI, Sept-Dec 1841
Vol VII, Jan-Apr 1842
Vol II, Jan-Apr 1843 Vol III, May-Aug 1843 Vol IV, Sept –Dec 1843
Vol I New Series 1844

Gazette of India

  • The Gazette of India was the official newspaper of the Government of India, where official information was ‘gazetted’.
See Gazette of India online.

Gazettes of India Collection on the Internet Archive (

  • Gazettes of India Collection on the Internet Archive ( Select publication and required years. Publications available prior to 1947 include Calcutta Gazette, Gazette of India, The Fort St. George Gazette (cataloged as Fort St. George), Travancore Government Gazette (catalogued as Travancore), Mysore Gazette, United Provinces Gazette. By selecting side filters in respect of publications and dates, it is possible to search the text of the selected editions.

Hicky's Bengal Gazette or The Original Calcutta General Advertiser

  • 1781 Many weekly editions from 1781. Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg

Homeward Mail from India, China and the East

The Homeward Mail from India, China, and the East was first published on 1 January 1857, initially every two weeks, and weekly from 1876. The British Library holds copies to 9 May 1914. (Subsequently merged into The Indiaman : A weekly journal devoted to the affairs of India, with BL holding 15 May 1914 to 2 Aug. 1917). From 11 May 1891 Homeward Mail incorporated Allen's Indian Mail.

Homeward Mail is available on findmypast, category "Newspapers & periodicals", with the same contents also available on the British Newspaper Archive, both pay websites. The date range is 1 January 1857 to 27 December 1913 with details on a BNA page. It is possible to browse individual editions on BNA, in addition to searching. To browse the findmypast editions, use the filters under "Narrow your search results" (left hand side of the webpage) "By Newspaper" and "By Date".


First published as, and catalogued at the British Library as India : a journal for the discussion of Indian affairs Vol 1, no 1 (Feb 1890)-v. 55, no 1202 (14 Jan. 1921). British Committee of the Indian National Congress. UIN: BLL01013929409 . Also titled India: A Record and Review of Indian Affairs.

  • India 1890-1920, broken range. Issues from 21 November 1919 have title India: The Organ of the Indian National Congress. English language monthly then weekly newspaper published in London. Proprietors, The "India" Newspaper Company, Limited, alternately called the India News Agency.

Indian News and Chronicle of Eastern Affairs

The British Library has holdings for 11 June 1840-27 July 1858. It was then incorporated into Allen's Indian Mail.

1848 1849 1850 1851 1852
1854^ 1855 1856 1857 1858

^ From the Bavarian State Library website

London and China Telegraph

The London and China Telegraph. Published in London. Covers China, Hong Kong, Japan, Straits Settlements (Singapore, Penang), Batavia and perhaps a wider area. One weekly issue (13 Jan. 1860) included notices for two deaths in India, and one in Alexandria, perhaps an indication for the rest of the series. There are two series of digitisations, both on Google Books, one from the Bavarian State Library, the other from Cornell University, the latter labelled A. Links for both series are provided, in case the content or digitisation quality varies.

1860 1861 1863 1864 1865
1866 1867

1867 A


1868 A


1869 A

1870 A

1871 A


1872 A


1873 A

1874: Jan-June

1874: July-Dec

1874 to Dec. A

1875 to Dec.

1875 to Oct. A

Madras Courier

  • Multiple editions of the Madras Courier are available on the Tamil Digital Library, category Periodicals. Currently (2018/12/15), there are 417 editions but unfortunately it is not possible to easily locate them. Publications for the years 1793, 1795, 1797, 1803, 1805-1814, have been noted, although it is possible there are additional years. Currently, from the Search, first click on E (for English) at the top of the webpage, click on Periodicals, then use the search term Madras Courier. You should be presented with a list of thumbnail book covers. Hover your mouse to see the titles. Alternatively use the Advanced Search, 'Select Category' choose Periodicals and use the search term Madras Courier as the title. A box with Tamil text may appear, click on it and select English. A list of search results will be presented, currently 417. If you leave the number of items per search result page as 10, you are then able to click on the tab 'Select Volume' to view the editions included - (if you select more results per page, you are still only presented with a list of 10 editions). Searching by keywords does not appear to be successful. For a name search try a Google search: Name of interest Note however the underlying text may be poor quality, with small font size, so OCR searching may also be of poor quality. The online Tamil Virtual Library viewer has the facility to use your full computer screen. As an example, marriage, birth and death notices were noted on the front page of Volume XXV (25) Number 1249 September 13 1809.
  • Madras Courier January 12 1819 It is recommended that the newspaper be read using the single page option. Some of the pages are torn and incomplete.
  • Nearly 4,000 entries transcribed from the Madras Courier have been uploaded to the FIBIS database website, see FIBIS database Madrid Courier 1792-1819 (broken range, 16 datasets).

Naval & Military Gazette and East India and Colonial Chronicle

  • Naval and Military Gazette and East India and Colonial Chronicle. The earlier title of the publication following.
1839: Jan.-Dec. Note, title page says 1838, but content is for 1839; 1844: Jan.-July Very poor quality.; 6 issues (weekly), 15 Jan-19 Feb 1853
  • Naval & Military Gazette and Weekly Chronicle of the United Service is available on findmypast, category "Newspapers & periodicals", with the same contents also available on the British Newspaper Archive, both pay websites. The date range is Saturday 09 February 1833 to Wednesday 17 February 1886, with issues 1833-1846, 1860-1886, with details on a BNA page. It is possible to browse individual editions on BNA, in addition to searching, whereas the findmypast editions appear to be browsable only if you have a search result.

Oriental Magazine, and Calcutta Review

Volume 1, Jan-June 1823 Volume 2, July-December 1823

Oriental Herald and Colonial Review

Jan-April 1824 May-Aug 1824 Sept-Dec 1824 n/a
Jan-March 1825 Apr-June 1825 July-Sept 1825 Oct-Dec 1825
Jan-March 1826 Apr-June 1826 July-Sept 1826 Oct-Dec 1826
Jan-March 1827 Apr-June 1827 July-Sept 1827 Oct-Dec 1827
Jan-March 1828 Apr-June 1828 July-Sept 1828 Oct-Dec 1828
Jan-March 1829 Apr-June1829 July-Sept 1829 Oct-Dec 1829

Parbury's Oriental Herald and Colonial Intelligencer

Published by Parbury & Co. London (Later, from 1839, became Madden & Co).

Vol 2, July-Dec 1838 Vol 3, Jan-June 1839 Vol 4, July-Dec 1839

Pioneer Mail and Indian Weekly News

Printed weekly at Allahabad. Each weekly edition is separately numbered.

Quarterly Oriental Magazine, Review and Register

Published by Thacker & Co, Calcutta.

Mar/Jun 1824
Jan/Jun 1825 Jul/Dec 1825
Jan/Jun 1826 Jul/Dec 1826
Jan/Jun 1827 Jul/Dec 1827

Pay websites

  • findmypast - British Newspapers and Irish Newspapers are available to individuals with a Pro subscription (previously called World subscription, or the top subscription) but not via library and community subscriptions. (Previously British newspapers were also available with the British subscription, but this no longer applies). The newspapers are from the collection of the British Library and are the same newspapers as are included in the British Newspaper Archive[1] see next item. The date ranges for the newspapers are directly available on the BNA; while the date range is available on findmypast, it is somewhat hidden and accessed through the Date filter. The Search may be better on the BNA, (BNA says it is "more sophisticated"[1]) and some people are known to search on the BNA, and then access the images on findmypast.
  • British Newspaper Archive, a findmypast company, is a pay site, with newspapers from the collection of the British Library. The majority of the newspapers were published 1830-1950 and now includes some Irish newspapers. However the website does include some published pre 1800 and some post 1950, with details on this list of publications .This website may also be accessed (free) from the British Library Reading Rooms.
  • NewspaperArchive is an American pay website which includes British newspapers and other publications. British newspapers may include information about people and events in India. A researcher found the newspaper Week's News contained B,M,D announcements for India. The following volumes with a (probable) India connection were noted, all published in Britain:
    • Allen’s Indian Mail to 1870, but excluding January to April 9th 1868.
    • Asiatick Miscellany 1785-1786
    • British And Colonial Weekly Register 1824
    • British Foreign And Colonial Journal 1823-1824
    • British And Indian Observer 1889-1890
    • British Indian Advocate 1841-1842
    • Calcutta Chronicle 1788
    • Colonies And India 1877-1898
    • India Gazette 1790
FamilySearch has, in the past, provided free access to Newspaper Archive at FamilySearch Centres and currently (2019/05) it is again under consideration/negotiation.[2]
  • is an Ancestry owned pay website with the majority of the newspapers published in the USA. There are a small number of newspapers from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Colonies and India 1890–1898, published in London, appeared to be the only publication relating to India.
  • Irish Newspaper Archives is a pay site also available as a subscription website through subscribing libraries. Currently (October 2012) it contains 23 titles, mainly from the 1900s, but with some earlier publications dating back to the 1700s. This website may also be accessed (free) from the British Library Reading Rooms.
  • The Times Digital Archive, refer next section is also available to those with a current Times subscription

Websites Accessible by participating Library Cardholders

There are seven sites which contain online newspapers, journals, directories etc, published in India. These websites, and additional websites, may also contain newspapers etc published in Britain which contain references to people and events in India.

Apart from minor exceptions, the access is restricted to Library Card holders of participating libraries, including the following National Libraries (noting there is generally a residential requirement): Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, State Library of NSW, and many University Libraries. Most of the websites may also be accessed (free) from the British Library Reading Rooms.

The sites are

  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)
  • Eighteenth Century Journals, Newspapers and Periodicals c 1685-1815
  • 19th Century UK Periodicals
  • The Making of the Modern World
The Goldsmiths’-Kress Library of Economic Literature 1450-1850
  • Proquest Historical Newspapers, Times of India option
  • South Asian Newspapers, 1864-1922
  • 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers

Other British publications

  • The Times Digital Archive 1785-1985
  • 19th Century British Library Newspapers
  • Illustrated London News Historical Archive 1842-2003
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1801-2008
  • Irish Newspaper Archives

For details about the publications published in India included in these seven sites, and more details about the sites containing British publications, refer Subscription websites-online newspapers, journals and directories


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