Hindustani Fanatics

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Hindustani Fanatics
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Sittana, Nowshera District, NWF
British & Indians Hindustani Fanatics & Rebel Sepoys
Result: British victory
Medals: India General Service Medal 1854
Clasp: North West Frontier
Category: Hindustani Fanatics
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Hindustani fanatics 1857-58
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The Hindustani Fanatics campaign of 1857-58.


Saiyid Ahmad Shah was a Wahabi preacher who came into the Yusafzai territory in 1824 when it was part of the Sikh Empire. He stirred the Pathan tribes into rebellion but was defeated by the Sikh army. He then increased his support and by 1829 gained control of Yusufzai and occupied Peshawar. His Hindustani zealots were once again defeated by the Sikhs and Saiyid Ahmad was killed. His disciples retreated to Sittana under the leadership of Saiyid Akbar.

The Hindustanis came into conflict with the British after the 1st Sikh War when they supported the Hassanzai tribesmen in the 1st Black Mountain Expedition. They were driven from the fort at Kotla in January 1853. In 1857 they were joined by rebel sepoys from the 55th Regiment of Bengal Infantry and a punitive expedition was mounted against them. They were defeated in a series of engagements and finally destroyed at the Battle of Sittana.

A further confrontation with the Hindudtani Fanatics took place in 1863. See the Ambela Campaign.

Campaign Force 1858

Commanded by Lt Col Sydney J Cotton
First Column

Second Column
Lieut Col H.Renny, 81st Foot

Third Column
Maj A.T.Allen, 81st Foot

Maj J.R.Becher's Column

Campaign actions

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