East Africa (First World War)

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Sixth Avenue Nairobi, British East Africa c 1915 sent by John Flatman who was probably in British East Africa with the Indian Army

Also Includes some other regions of Africa.

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  • East Africa for general information about British African regiments such as the King's African Rifles, and the East African Mounted Rifles.

Regimental and Corps Histories

  • History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery : the Forgotten Fronts and the Home Base 1914-18 by Sir Martin Farndale 1988. Available at the British Library UIN: BLL01008145796
  • History of the Corps of Royal Engineers Volume VII: Campaigns in Mesopotamia and East Africa, and the inter-war period, 1918-38 edited by H.L. Pritchard 1952. Available at the British Library UIN: BLL01008913272 . Also available from the Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE), as a book or part of a CD-ROM.[1]

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"Somaliland 1920: The Final Campaign against the “Mad Mullah”". Includes Indian Army troops.
Introduction; Part I. 17 January - 24 May 1916; Part 2. 25 May - 17 September 1916; Part 3.
 18 September 1916 - 26 February 1917


  • Photo page from On Call In Africa 1910-1932 Dr Norman Parsons Jewell in Seychelles and East Africa. Scroll down for a link to the photographs on the Mary Evans Picture Library, including WW1 war photos which commence image 25, page 3, or direct link. Catalogue details for the photographs. Dr Norman Parsons Jewell served as a Medical Officer with the British Army East African Medical Service throughout the First World War in East Africa and was awarded the Military Cross.


Historical books online

Contents page viii; General Index page 583; Index to Arms, Formations and Units page 597; Maps at end of book, after page 603.
See below for the one despatch for Rhodesia, and one for East Africa.
Transcribed reports by Dr W W Pike on the medical services in East Africa in the Medical Archive gweaa.com. Includes British East Africa and German East Africa, the latter publication is titled Report On Medical And Sanitary Matters In German East Africa 1917, published 1918.
Other Indian Army regimental histories see 101st Grenadiers- service in East Africa, including Tanga;
Three Years of War In East Africa 1919. Archive.org version, mirror from Digital Library of India. Although the author is catalogued as Captain F R Sedgwick, the title page shows the author to be Captain Angus Buchanan, 25th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers, (the Legion of Frontiersmen). Also available World Digital Library a project of the U.S. Library of Congress, which has better images.
"Jambo," or, With Jannie in the Jungle; 30 East African Sketches by A W Lloyd, [Captain Arthur Wynell Lloyd M.C, 25th Bn Royal Fusiliers (Frontiersmen)] [cartoonist] c 1917-1920s Archive.org. Jannie is Jan Christian Smuts.
Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous, D.S.O., Capt. 25th Royal Fusiliers by J G Millais 1919 Archive.org. Includes two chapters on the East African Campaign.
"Beho Chini" [Bweho Chini] by ‘Ba-Ture’ page 324 Blackwood’s Magazine, no 203 January-June 1918. Archive.org. Nigerians in German East Africa
"A Nigerian Column" by ‘Ba-Ture’ page 779 Blackwood’s Magazine, no 203 January-June 1918. Archive.org.
The accounts appear to be extracts from the book Flying and Sport in East Africa, by Leo Walmsley1920, available to those in North America, etc on Hathi Trust Digital Library
Reports on the treatment by the Germans of British prisoners and natives in German East Africa … Presented to both Houses of Parliament September 1917 Archive.org
British civilian prisoners in German East Africa; a report by the Government Committee on the Treatment by the Enemy of British Prisoners of War 1918. Archive.org
  • The Great War in Africa, 1914-1918 by Byron Farwell 1986 Archive.org Lending Library.
  • The Kenya Gazette Issues from 1899. (broken range). There is a small scrolling bar, located underneath the images of the title pages, which enables you to scroll the volumes available. There appear to be no editions for 1916, however issues for the other WW1 years are available. There is a Search facility for all issues. Google Books
The Kenya Gazette is an official publication of the government of the Republic of Kenya. It contains notices of new legislation, notices required to be published by law or policy as well as other announcements that are published for general public information. It is published every week, usually on Friday, with occasional releases of special or supplementary editions within the week.

South-West Africa Campaign

The South-West Africa Campaign was the conquest and occupation of German South West Africa (Namibia) by forces from the Union of South Africa acting on behalf of the British Government at the beginning of the First World War.

Togoland and the Cameroons



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