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The page lists the current and past featured articles and images on the Main Page of the FIBIwiki.

Please list/discuss candidates for future featured articles/pictures on the talk page.

Current and past features


Date Featured article Featured image
October 2009 Apothecary
Batta Mutiny 1766
GIPR Bombay Mail.jpg Edwardian Splendour
November 2009 Irish Townlands Khi war cemetery memorial.jpg Karachi War Cemetery
December 2009 Bengal Pilot Service Lansdowne bridge.jpg Lansdowne Bridge


Date Featured article Featured image
January 2010 Nurse BahawalVictoriaHospital.JPG Bahawal Victoria Hospital
February 2010 East Indian Railway Major Hector Alfred Richardson.JPG Major Hector Alfred Richardson
March 2010 Norperforce Groves Meppen Warburton Walter - Calcutta 1919.jpg Groves Meppen Warburton Walter
April 2010 Bengal Infantry Finder Kannur fort chapel.jpg Kannur fort chapel
May 2010 Auxiliary Regiments Post Office Tirimulgherry.jpg Post Office Trimulgherry
June 2010 1st Afghan War Gwalior Fort Gwalior Fort
July 2010 Schools Railway Institution Quetta Summer.jpg Railway Institution Quetta
August 2010 Missionary Sadar Bazar Jubbulpore.jpg Sadar Bazar Jubbulpore
September 2010 Indian Civil Service Walker Hospital Simla.jpg Walker Hospital Simla
October 2010 Ships of the Bombay Marine and Indian Navy On parade.jpg "On Parade" Photographed by Samuel Cleland Davidson
November 2010 Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns Simla Volunteer Rifles Viceroys Cup.jpg Simla Volunteer Rifles Viceroys Cup
December 2010 HEIC Early Voyages Managers and assistants in tea.jpg Managers and assistants of a tea plantation


Date Featured article Featured image
January 2011 Singapore 48 Foot School.jpg Regimental school of the 48th Regiment of Foot
May 2011 Great Indian Peninsula Railway Regiment de Meuron Indien.jpg The De Meuron Regiment
June 2011 Reginald Malpas Gore St Andrew's Church, Darjeeling.jpg St Andrew's Church, Darjeeling
July 2011 Public Works Department St Joseph's School, Darjeeling.jpg St Joseph's School, Darjeeling
August 2011 Directories online Managers and assistants in tea.jpg Managers and assistants in tea
September 2011 Post and Telegraphs Department Lansdowne Institute, Rawalpindi.jpg Lansdowne Institute, Rawalpindi
November 2011 Egyptian Campaign 1882 Government House, Ganeshkind.JPG Government House, Ganeshkind
December 2011 Mule Corps Wac(I) Benares.jpg Womens Auxillary Corp (India), Benares.


Date Featured article Featured image
January 2012 Historic Guns of British India Freemason.jpg
April 2012 Kalka-Simla Railway Unknown Soldier.jpg
May 2012 FIBIS Google Books Library MiltaryFuneral02.JPG
June 2012 Clifton & Co, Photographers (Bombay) Registrar of High Court.jpg
August 2012 Architect Sports Champion.JPG
September 2012 Lawrence Military Asylum Sports medals of A J Oliver.jpg
October 2012 Bengal Artillery Fire Engine.jpg
November 2012 First World War Wwi memorial.JPG
December 2012 Military periodicals online Bruce Road, QUETTA (Winter).jpg


Date Featured article Featured image
January 2013 Abbottabad Poona - Pavarti Temple.jpg
February 2013 Forestry Bangalore. St Joseph's School. New Science Block 1925.jpg
March 2013 Royal Tank Corps Inspection Sir Philip Chetwoode 1934.jpg
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