Neemuch Nasirabad State Railway

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The Neemuch Nasirabad State Railway was a Metre Gauge(MG) line and connected Neemuch to Ajmer. The construction started in 1875, and the work completed in March 1881.

Also known as the Rutlam Neemuch Nusserbad Railway, the engineer Horace Bell is recorded as being deployed from the Railway Branch of the Public Works Department to this railway for a short time in late 1875. Henry Bawn Addis was Assistant Engineer with the record giving the Nimach Railway. Archibald Crellin Cregeen and Henry Francis Storey were posted in 1878-79 to conduct surveys also William Michell who held charge of the Tharod and Nimbhera subdivisions till their completion for traffic.

In 1881-82, the Rajputana-Malwa State Railway (RMSR) was created amalgamating, under single management, existing State Railways:-

All these railways were worked by Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway(BB&CIR) State Railways; all worked by BB&CIR.

In 1900 the RMSR was merged into the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway(BB&CIR), becoming the latter's Metre Gauge(MG) section; known as Ratlam Division of BB&CIR..


Further Information

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